Gold Ring Found After 41 Years

By: Anonymous

A newlywed farmer who lost his wedding ring while haymaking has been reunited with it ... 41 years later!

Jim Gardner had only been married to his wife, Janet, for a year when he lost the gold band at their farm in Fence.


The couple gave up hope of ever finding it, until last weekend that is, when metal detecting expert Mark Pollard asked for permission to hunt for treasure and found it!

Mark, who lives in Barrowford, said: “I took the ring home, gave it a clean and polish and presented it to Jim. He just mentioned it in passing, I don’t think he ever believed I would find it.”

It was Mark’s high spec metal detector, a CTX 3030, that helped him to find the ring that had sunk nine inches into the ground in the field at Higher Fence Gate Farm in Croft Top Lane.

Mark said: “The detector is so advanced it has a sat nav system on it that tells you where to look and even gives you the depth the item is at.”

Mark has been searching fields and land across Lancashire and beyond. He has unearthed coins, jewellery and other items dating back centuries.

The finds help to build up a picture of the area and its history and Mark, an aerospace engineer, is hooked.

The CTX 3030 detector even works in water and Mark has used it on holiday abroad.

He is now preparing to find another wedding ring lost by a friend six years ago close to Towneley Golf course.