Gold Noble, Groats, Pennies and a Denarius!

By: Anonymous

I was lucky enough to be invited to detect a site that had produced a scattered hoard several years ago by a good friend as it had just been ploughed. we set out with gusto in the area but after two hours had nothing, trying a dark area of soil a sweet low signal revealed a broken Roman silver Denarius! Not what we were looking for but only my second and very welcome.

After a bit of lunch we headed back into the field and suddenly hit a good area, first a Henry IV groat, then another, the CTX 3030 was picking up the deeper coins some of which were next to and beneath large iron nails which litter the site.


A soft pure tone stopped me dead but after digging around it revealed nothing, i went deeper and pinpointed the sides before getting a solid tone in the base layer a spade and a half down! I pushed my finger down and felt and edge, expecting another groat but the flash of gold sent my head spinning.

It was a Full Gold Noble, we think of Henry IV which together with 10 groats and three smaller hammered coins is now going through the treasure process to be formally identified and recorded.

An amazing day that will live long in the memory for me and proof that there still many fantastic detectorists around as not only having the kindness to invite me in the first place my friend has insisted I have a share in the hoard!

Probably the find of my lifetime partially due to my CTX 3030 as I'm certain there are very few machines which would have found that Noble.

gold-noble-groats-pennies-and-a-denarius -1 gold-noble-groats-pennies-and-a-denarius -2 gold-noble-groats-pennies-and-a-denarius -3