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Gold and Diamond Ring Metal Detector Find

By: Cory K.

Hello my name is Cory. I'm a detectorist from Red Wing, MN USA. I've been detecting for only about 4 months now. In late spring, at one of the oldest parks in town, I found a 14k gold ring with a half carat diamond. It was about 3 1/2 inches deep. On my TreasurePro it rang up at a solid 28-29. I thought the target was going to be a nickel. Thankfully I was wrong. I took the ring to a local jeweler to have the diamond tested to verify that it was real and it was. The ring weighs 4 grams. The equipment that I was using was my TreasurePro, my Digmaster Digger, and my TRX. All White's Electronics gear that I purchased from Kellyco. Not only did this find pay for my TreasurePro but it will also pay for my next detector!