Garrett GTI 2500 Metal Detector Finds Treasure!

By: Anonymous

I currently own a GTI 2500 that Garrett sent me in exchange for stories and finds. I've been metal detecting for 6 years and have done quite well. I detected in England for a week in February and did real well finding my first Gold Coin (a celtic quarter stater that dates to 65 BC) among other things, roman coins, a George Washington Innagural Button, and over 50 colonial coins.

I live in Medicine Hat, Alberta Canada and teach History to Junior High students which has been a huge advantage as far as gaining permission to hunt some off limit sites. I volunteer with local Historical Societies as well.

On Saturday I took out a couple buddies to a NWMP (Northwest Mountain Police) spot and I dug 7 Mountie Buttons that date to the 1880's.


Jack Lowry at Garrett has sent me the DD imaging coil in the past to test and I have also used the 12.5" Imaging Prototype Search coil on the GTI 1500 Garrett sent me a couple years ago. I've had three articles published in Lost Treasure in my 5 years of hunting and 2 in Garretts magazine.

-Found by Rod M. from Medicine Hat, Alberta Canada

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