Fun in the Sun - Summer 2013

By: Anonymous

I am not prepared to tell the full story at this time as the story is still on going and if I left out details to protect the identity of this camp I feel it would be a injustice to history. So I'll just speak about technique, finds and equipment.


This display represents about 90 trips to a Brigade camp (somewhere South of the Mason Dixon line) in 5 months. Every inch I've covered so far has been with the CTX 3030 with 17" Smart Coil in all metal combined mode with the iron tone turned down as low as possible and all others turned up a little. Beside doing initial checks for hot spots in the fields I always grid in 30 to 40 yard squares which usually takes me 3 to 4 hours. I go SLOW on each 30 yard pass and always overlap my last pass by a foot. I tried to do one field at a time but beings this was growing season that proved to be pretty tough. So I gridded what I could and came back to areas after hey cuts. While gridding I marked spots that had deep iron and came back to them when other areas were over grown. That lead to finding 7 fire pits as shallow as 16" and as deep as 4' with loads of goodies in 2 of them. The 17" Smart Coil found frying pans and cannon balls at 3 to 4' and still found bucky balls and firing caps.

The highlights of this adventure are pits 1 & 4, a 105 relic day, a beautiful Maryland button, a almost mint Capped Bust dime, and quite simply the whole experience. It's been a dream come true, with more to come. I will keep you posted.