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Found Wedding Band Detecting Find

By: William H.

Four years ago I lost my wedding band in Lake Leelanau in Leland, Michigan while standing in the lake. The next day I went to the local hardware store and rented a metal detector to see if we could find it. The metal detector was cheap and only the coil could be submerged, so I was very limited on my search. Needless to say, I didn't find it and a few other searches with rented metal detectors didn't turn up anything either - unless you count a few nails or bottle caps. Over the last couple of years, my interest in metal detectors has grown, especially in submersible water detectors. However, I was hesitant to buy one. I had researched your website numerous times and kept coming back the the Viper Hybrid Trident Detector. I never would make the decision to buy one until my wife - whose name is Kelly by the way - said, "Just buy the thing!" So I went back to the website and how lucky was I to find that the detector was on sale an extra 40% off of your already great prices! So the purchase was made. Last month, while back at the lake, I took the Viper out for it's first search of the area. After about only thirty minutes of looking, I hit a good signal in the sandy bottom and pulled up my white gold wedding band only about 5 feet from where I had originally thought I had lost it. It was sitting about six or eight inches below the sand and still in pristine condition. If I never find anything else of value, I am so happy I have found my ring! The picture is of my wife and I, taken moments after I found the ring. Thanks for a great product!