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Found Rare Vintage Tomahawk Hatchet

By: dennis a.

According to Militarytrader.com, this tomahawk is part of a rare vintage Tomahawk hatchet and knife combination with leather sheath, used circa 1930.

I went to an old city park early morning in February it was chilly but a beautiful day. I got my stuff out of the truck and got all set-up and walked about forty feet to a small stand of trees (I like old trees in city parks) and started detecting. I knew I couldnt stay long I had other things I had to do. Right away I got this hit on my Bounty Hunter detector, it was a very low note but I stopped and stuck the probe I had into the ground and did not hit anything with but I kept getting the hit . So, I dug down a little ways with my hand digger and nothing (didn't have a pinpointer).

I left that location and went a little bit farther into the trees and then I looked at the time and had to go. On the way out I stopped one more time at the site I started at and this time I got a better sound so I started to probe and dig down a ways. I hit a piece of iron or something, tried to pop it out no can do.(digger didnt work and had no shovel) . So,I had to go back to my truck and get my fold up army shovel and dug down six or eight inches and found the hatchet and was able to dig down along side of it and pop it out. The hatchet was stuck in the ground like it was being used to chop wood and the owner just stuck it there and walked away. The spot was about one-hundred yards from a housing development thats been there since the middle to late fifties.

Goes to show "Always dig" you'll find it.