Found Lost Ring with Garrett Ace 250

By: Jessica m.

Over 15 years ago, while painting the eves of our house, I went to wipe off the paint running down my hand and my ring went flying off. I was up high on a shed roof, so I saw it roll down and off the end of the roof. Over the next few months, there were many attempts to find it, crawling on the ground and pushing the grass around. Just recently I purchased a GARRETT 250 from KELLYCO, put it together, read the instructions, watched the dvd and within a half hour of looking...Wallah! Found the ring...old paint still on it...AMAZING...couldn’t be happier...think I found a new hobby. It was all new to me and I found the dvd extremely helpful...Thanks.

found-lost-ring-garrett-ace-250-1 found-lost-ring-garrett-ace-250-2