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FORS CoRe finds a .569 oz Silver Nugget!

By: Anthony C.

.569 oz silver nugget! Mid day hunt in August turns up a silver nugget on a wooded lot in Mississippi. Useing my newly purchased Nokta fors core inspired me to brave the heat and head out on a coin shoot. I never expected to find a silver nugget. I thought I had found a meteorite and tested the magnanimity with the magnet I carry with me on my shoulder harness. Contrarily, it was unmagnetic. So, I tested the signal on my fors core coil. A slight signal indicated it must have some metalorelogical properties. Momentarily I headed to the house mostly to escape the heat. The piece cleaned up quickly and shined as bright as a new silver bullion. Further testers testing kit proved to be 100% pure silver. What a day and what a find! Sincerely, Anthony xxxx Ocean springs Mississippi.