Fisher Metal Detector Finds 1897 Dime

By: Anonymous

I have had my new CoinStrike for about 3 weeks now, and I continue to learn more about it each time I take it out. It is a bit different to operate than any detector I have used in my 35 years of detecting. That said, I do like a challenge!

For the past few years, my brother and I have spent most of our coin hunting time at old home sites and old fair grounds in a four County area. With high gas prices, limited time, and extreme hot temperature, I decided "why not learn my new Coin Strike close to home"? The city park where I live is only about 3 blocks from my house. Spending most of my recent detecting time in open spaces, detecting in a park setting with modern trash would require some getting use to. I've detected this park several times over the past 20 years and have found quite a few old coins. But I've been at this hobby long enough to know that the possibility of finding an oldie or two still exists. The first outing with the Coin Strike was a real eye opener as I wasn't in the habit of digging bottle caps.


Digging them made me realize why there are still could be old coins there. The trash and bottle caps are doing a fine job of masking some good targets. Not wanting to leave any old coins behind, I decided to dig bottle caps as well. That evening, I dug a few wheaties and memorials and several bottle caps. Being a persistent individual, I went back a few days later with the small coil on my Coin Strike. I set the machine with full discriminate for iron 99. I notched out foil, nickels, and tabs, set the threshold at -5 and sensitivity at 3. Within 15 minutes I dug a 1897 O Barber dime and a 1891 Indian Head. I continued to detect, being a bit more excited (and optimistic) now. I continued for about another 45 minute and recovered some modern clad dimes, 2 more wheaties and 10 memorials. A couple days later I got to thinking about that dime and decided to look up the value in the Red Book. Lo and behold it was a RARE dime I had found with only 666,000 minted!!

I must admit that after the first time using the Coin Strike I was a little disappointed, but each and every time out I learn something new. I would be willing to bet that by Fall, when the crops get out of the fields, the Coin Strike and I will be out there in some of our old favorite spots finding some goodies we have missed in the past.