First Minelab Hunt

By: Anonymous

I recently traded in my Garrett AT Pro and upgraded to the Minelab CTX 3030. Today was my very first hunt using the CTX 3030. I have a large learning curve since this machine is way more advance then the ATP.

My buddy and I hit a few older properties today that we have hunted several times in the past hoping to pull more silver coins out of the ground. It was not to be. We apparently dried the place up. My buddy had to leave after about an hour and a half of hunting so I decided to hunt an elementary school that seems to have an abundance of clad quarters.

I was at the school hunting the soccer field for about 20 minutes when I got a 12-20 signal. I thought it might be another pop can top but I dug it anyway and got my first ever gold ring. 14k to be exact. After three years of detecting I finally hit gold and on the very first day with the CTX 3030. I'm sold! Thanks Minelab.