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First Metal Detecting Hunt

By: Daniel L.

Stevie, Thanks for all the wonderful help you have given me, you surely have earned my business and if I can refer anyone I most certainly will, I was in yesterday and picked up a scoop for the beach and I am glad I did, I also love my Garrett Ace 400 you sold me, it works fantastic at the beach! I found a few cool things in the wet sand yesterday at the beach and also a cache of coins near breakers , I promise I didn't clean it all out.... Thanks again for the outstanding customer service and tips you have given me! Surely I will be back for more metal detecting stuff when I am ready! Thank you sir very much! Sincerely, Daniel Lewis P.S. I am attaching a picture of my finds yesterday!!! I found a new car, a hammer , a toe ring, and in one spot I found almost two dollars in coins!!! Wooohoo!!!

Ace 400 Find