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First Day Out with the Apex!

By: Michael S.

Our first trip out with the Garrett Ace APEX last night. Me and my wife decided to go to a local freshwater beach easy to dig and a place for my wife to get use to swinging it. We spent some time digging targets in the zero mode to get the numbers down. We switched to US COINS mode and dug a few coins 5 pennies and one new quarter. After a lot of pull tabs and bottle caps I switched to Jewelry mode. When we got to the water edge we went parallel with the water about 30 foot. We hit a signal that was in the 60’s my wife second scoop swiped across the coin and BOOM to our shock a ring first time out with the APEX unbelievable! Thanks to Kellyco for their great service and the communication during the wait time on the new product. I recommend Kellyco.

Hand Holding Ring with Starburst Gem Setting with Sandy Painted Nails and Pinpointer in Background on Sand Beach Ring Buried in Sand in Sand Scoop with People's Feet on Beach in Background