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Excalibur Finds Coin from 361 A.D.

By: Jessica m.

I just started working at Kellyco a few weeks ago and I decided to borrow a detector and see what this business is all about. I wanted to take one out to the beaches because I live about 40 minutes from Daytona Beach. So I signed out a Minelab Excalibur 800, got some pointers from Nathan, and went out on a Thursday evening. It was getting dark out but there were several other metal detectorists on the beach. I put my headphones on, handed my wife a digger, and started my search for treasure. The loudest tone I got was a very elusive fishing hook. But I also managed to find a rusted pipe, two pennies, several nails, a watch that still works, and a little piece of scrap metal buried about 5 inches under dry sand by the beach ramp or at least thats what I thought it was at the time. [split] I put all my finds into a pouch and got on the road back home. I was eager to get to work the next day and show off my little treasures. But when I looked in the bottom of my bag, the little piece of scrap metal looked more and more like a really old coin. Everyone at Kellyco was eager to see what my first night out with the Excalibur had yielded, and we all stood amazed at the little scrap metal/old coin. After doing some research online we found out what it was, or what it is supposed to be. A coin from the Constantius II era, made between May and November of 361 A.D. We are still not sure if it is real. But it sure did make for an interesting morning around the water cooler!