Epic Street Tear Out

By: Anonymous

It was getting late and we were heading home from a very long day of detecting on unproductive grounds. On the way home we noticed a street tear out in a historic part of town. This part of town was in a very rural area but during the turn of the century it was a major stop along the railroad. When the new highway was built, the town was bypassed and somewhat forgotten. Having struck out earlier in the day we decided to give it one last shot in hopes of avoiding a complete bust. The rest is history.

Within the first 10 minutes 1800's coins began to appear. Over the coarse of two days we dug 83 coins, four tokens and a skeleton key to a pacific freight caboose. The coins ranged between 1880 to 1920. Among them was one of the rarest nickels minted in the US, an 1885 "V" nickel. I seriously doubt we would have been successful without our CTX 3030's. This place was loaded with nails left over from the board walk that pre-dated the cement side walk they recently tore out.

epic-street-tear-out-1 epic-street-tear-out-2