Detecting to get healthy

By: Anonymous

It all started one and a half years ago after I died and came back looking for a flash light. Doc says it was only about a minute but that I need to loose weight; only 265 lbs and retired.

Well, I could barely walk but did it anyway (boring). Then my neighbor James asked me how to find metal water pipes - I thought- a metal detector would work! So I bought one then and hunted the front yard like the Garrett book said- $5.00 in change, then across to the park. More money then to the beaches. I lived in Sarasota, Florida at the time where my Buddy came out of the water with a strange detector on a shaft, an Excal 800. But he had rings on fingers and chains on his neck.

I had lost 15 lbs and doc said keep it up. Well after finding a few rings i got the first Excal II and met Richard Who had a Whites and we teamed up. Now down to 225 lbs. Doc says keep it up.

Found a couple of Platinum rings and I began to double my time to twice a day. Heard about the CTX 3030 and loosing more weight. Down to 200 lbs. now, 57 gold, platinum, and silver for $2,000 and less. Now found 2 1/2 caret diamond ring value $6,335 says local jeweler. I get to keep this one.