Detecting in the Grounds of Cyfartha Castle

By: Anonymous

I have recently been given sole permission to detect in the grounds surrounding the home of the former powerful Iron Master William Crawshay. He once owned one of the largest iron works in the world.

It was situated in Merthyr Tydfil, my home town. The iron works made everything from Cannons for the fleet commanded by Horatio Nelson to railway lines which were exported all over the world. The castle was built as a home for the Crawshay family in 1825 overlooking the Cyfartha Iron Works. He was a cruel man who had little regard for his workforce.

When he died, the workforce asked his widow if they could pay for his grave stone. She agreed and they had a huge piece of local limestone cut and dragged onto his grave with the inscription stating his name, the date he was born, the date of his death and the inscription, "MAY GOD FORGIVE ME".

His widow was appalled and wanted it removed, but there was no man brave enough to remove it. It still sits there today in Vaynor Church.

As you can imagine I am extremely excited and privileged to have been given permission to detect on the land. I have had a couple of nice finds to date one being a very nice crested button that I found in a pond directly behind the castle and a well preserved World War I belt buckle belonging to, The Welsh Regiment 3rd Volunteer Battalion. I have also found numerous coins dating from the early 1900s.

I will keep you posted on future finds and hope you enjoy the journey of detecting this fantastic iconic Welsh landmark.

detecting-in-the-grounds-of-cyfartha-castle-1 detecting-in-the-grounds-of-cyfartha-castle-2