CTX Silver Dollars

By: Anonymous

I was hunting a peach orchard at an old house place this past weekend with my CTX 3030 when I had the best coin hunting find of my life, so far.

The grass was about knee deep in the 70+ acre pasture and the nails and other iron pieces in the ground were causing quite a few nulls when I got that nice high pitch. I cut a huge plug to the full depth of my shovel and when I lifted it out and dropped it on the ground two silver dollars fell off the bottom of the plug.

When it was all said and done there were 17 more scattered around in about a four foot area. It looked like it was probably a jar of coins in a post-hole bank that was broken open by the plow at some point.

The coins range from 1879 to 1922. The on-board GPS sure made it easy to record the location.

ctx-silver-dollars-1 ctx-silver-dollars-2