CTX Scores Huge Gold Nugget

By: Anonymous

A couple buddies and I have been using our Minelab detectors to relic hunt gold country Gold Camps and home sites. We recently started to video document our "CA Relic Adventures" while using our Minelab machines. I use the CTX 3030 and love the quicker response and it works great in the iron invested camps and home sites. Many of these sites have been considered "hunted out" but the CTX is opening them back up and we are unearthing some amazing relics and coins.

On a recent hunt near an 1850's home site and hotel, I got a deep hit on the CTX 3030 and down about 6 inches I saw the edge of a gold item. At first I thought maybe a ring but as I wiped more dirt away I realized that I was looking at a huge gold nugget.

I called my buddies over and we removed it from its hiding place as we all watched and enjoyed the moment. We got the entire dig on video and I finally got in the 1 oz gold nugget club. Not with my GPX 5000 but with my CTX 3030!!

What a great hobby!! Minelab Rocks!!

ctx-scores-huge-gold-nugget-1 ctx-scores-huge-gold-nugget-2