CTX 3030 River Hammered

By: Anonymous

Decided the weather was just right for some shallow water hunting. I was travelling to one location, and changed my mind.... ending up on a river crossing that I had previously worked with a CZ20 and then an Excalibur& Excalibur II.

I had found some nice Roman coins over the years, and also a lot of 17th to 19th century coins.... But I always knew there would be some other stuff a bit deeper in the hard pack.

I worked an area where find should be deeper, and the first target looked promising, a lead disc with patterns.... could it be early Medieval?

Next signal was a James II tin farthing (with a square copper plug).

I got a hammered and not a run of the mill one!


The tin coin is dated 1685 on the edge.... Just seen the prices in Spinks

I've looked through all my books... I'm not even sure it's a penny now... it only weighs .5gr (18mm), so it could be a halfpenny. I think it's likely to be a Viking imitation.

Various chemical methods to remove each deposit. Fist a scale remover to remove calcium river deposit.... then a pickle solution to remove the verdigris... then soda crystals and foil to loosen the silver sulphides.

ctx-3030-river-hammered-1 ctx-3030-river-hammered-2