CTX 3030 Maiden Voyage Accomplishes Two Lifetime Detecting Goals

By: Anonymous

I took my new CTX 3030 out for its maiden voyage Sunday and finished the day having accomplished crossing two goals off my wish list. Having found the nickel variety 3 cent piece in my backyard a couple years ago, I have hoped that sometime throughout my life I would find its matching partner in the silver variety.

As of today, that wish is now crossed off the list! My very first target of the day with my new CTX 3030 and about 3" deep i got a nice hit at 12-32. I start digging and out comes an 1852 Silver 3 cent piece! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it!!!


I had no more than turned my CTX 3030 on and noise cancelled. I honestly had not been swinging for over 5 minutes when I got the signal. Needless to say, I would have been happy with my day if I didn't find another good target.

I detected another two hours and dug numerous junk items. Figuring I would call it a day, I started up the path back to my vehicle. I continued to detect while walking. I got a nice signal at 2" reading 11-39,11-40....Dug my hole and saw a wheat penny.

To be honest, I wasn't real excited when I saw it. I flipped it over and saw 1909 and then get that feeling inside me saying "could it be?) I flipped it back over, did a little wiping and there it is......VDB!!!! That is another coin I had on my list!

Once I got home and soaked the coins in water I got to looking at the date on the 1909 VDB. I then start noticing what looks like a possible "S" under the date.

A kind gentleman on a forum last night enhanced the photo for me with new evidence showing it is indeed a 1909 S VDB.

I couldn't have asked for a better day detecting and have to say the CTX 3030 is just so easy to use and find treasures with even in the hands of someone new to the machine. I am proof of that!!!

ctx-3030-maiden-voyage-accomplishes-two-lifetime-detecting-g-1 ctx-3030-maiden-voyage-accomplishes-two-lifetime-detecting-g-2 ctx-3030-maiden-voyage-accomplishes-two-lifetime-detecting-g-3