CTX 3030 First in the Field

By: Anonymous

Wow I am loving the CTX 3030 experience! A new field opened up for us this past week and I was anxious to give the CTX 3030 it’s baptism in field hunting. The first hunt was with my wife Diane and we were finding a lot of neat relics and enjoying that but the first old coin was eluding us. About two hours into the hunt that all changed. I got a decent 12-23 signal and I was thinking as I dug the target it was probably a flat button but to my surprise in the dirt I saw a coin. First thought with those numbers maybe a fatty Indian but when I cleaned a bit of the dirt off I could see the Flying Eagle! That was a first for me.


The next Saturday my hunting partner Doug accompanied me and we started early to get in a full day. After about an hour I moved over to another area closer to the side of the field when I got a 12-45 signal, now the target trace was showing iron in with the target and indeed the first thing that came out of the hole was a large bent nail. I thought to myself that no way was that the signal and the pinpointer sounded off on another target a beautiful 1845 Seated Liberty Dime. It has to be the best Seated Dime I have ever seen dug! Later just before a lunch break I got a very nice 12-34 and out popped a very nice 1865 Indian Head.

With that we took our break, we came back and hit the field again and within five minutes I got a nice 12-14 signal and digging it I was hoping for an old nickel…my eyes grew big when I saw the glint of a massive gold ring! The ring has a head of a moose on it and I believe it is a Moose Lodge style ring. Just then Doug and his E-TRAC got his keeper a very nice 1883 Indian Head. All I can say is if it is there the CTX 3030 will find it!