CTX 3030 Finds Undiscovered Civil War Site

By: Anonymous


I was told by the president of my club to send in my discovery with my CTX 3030.


Over Thanksgiving weekend, I went to my parents house in Northern Virginia to visit. Upon arriving I did some research and found an old home site that happened to be in the woods adjacent to their neighborhood.

I went out to the woods with my older brother and started our hunt. We were out there10 minutes and my brother found d a harmonica reed...using a different detector. I knew we were onto

I searched what I found to be the home site and decided to expand our search. I went about 200 yards from the site and... BAM... I got a great 11-36 signal...nice and strong. I dug it up and it was a Civil War Minnie Ball!! The last thing I expected to find.

I searched another 5 minutes and... BAM..another 11-36 signal!! I said to my brother "If this another Minnie Ball we are onto something!". Sure enough... it was!!

Over the course of 2 hours we found 18 more Minnie Balls and a flat button That's great and all but ... this is where it gets awesome.

I plotted all, of the finds we made that first day on the CTX 3030 using the GPS and find point features, uploaded to XChange 2 software and looked at the map. My brother and I plotted our hunt for the next morning using it.

We went out the next day at 6:30am...we couldn't wait. We started our hunt and 5 minutes in... BAM... 11-36... another Minnie Ball!! And then another and another and... 161 more... One Hundred Sixty One!!!

I recorded EVERY find on the CTX 3030 which you can only save 100 at a time...so I had to hike back to my folks to upload the 100 and then hike back and continue the hunt and record the rest of the finds.

Here are a couple things I was amazed and love about the CTX 3030:

  1. The GPS feature with ability to log finds and record where you have hunted is fantastic. It helped me plot all the finds and use the GPS on the CTX to hunt where we thought more finds would be... which they were
  2. The depth of the CTX 3030 blew me away!!! I was digging some Minnie Balls at 13 INCHES!!! That was with the 11 inch stock coil.

I did some research and did find out that some Civil War activity was thought to be in that area but was unknown. We have discovered that there was a major fight through our finds and looking at the finds overlayed on the map through XChange 2.

I went back to the site at the beginning of this month January and found another 103 Minnie Balls. The battle lines are so clearly visible on XChange 2 now that I am able to surgically hunt in areas I know should be more finds.

I know you all get A LOT stories and better finds than mine...I was told by my club to send this as they thought you all would like the story.

I am going back at the end of March with my brother just to hunt this site. I ordered the 17x13 inch coil today for the hunt.

I have the thanksgiving hunt on my YouTube channel under the user name... Shelby Voll.

Thank you again for developing what I believe to be the absolute best detector made to date!!

I did add 2 pictures... one is of the Thanksgiving finds and the second is of a picture of the find points from the XChange2 program where you can see the lines of the battle.

Thanks again and hope you enjoyed the story,

ctx-3030-finds-undiscovered-civil-war-site-1 ctx-3030-finds-undiscovered-civil-war-site-2