CTX 3030 Finds a Gold Sovreign

By: Anonymous

There was a break in the weather, the sun was shining and I decided to take the CTX 3030 to an area in the local woods that I had previously searched with the E-TRAC and had found some nice Victorian silvers here. But they came at a price due to some modern dumping and it was difficult to search from the many signals generated by the large amount of trash under the leaf mould.


But the silvers I had found were nice, very clean and dated from the mid to late 1800's. I just had that feeling that "there has to be something else there!"

Since my last visit, I was again saddened to see many more 'black bags' had been thrown in and animals had ripped them open and some of the contents were strewn about the exact area I had wanted to concentrate on.

So I readied myself for battle and before even powering up the CTX I began to use my Timberland clad feet as huge brushes and literally scraped away as much debris as I could. That took about 20mins and a nice area had been cleared.

I fired up the CTX and engaged High Trash in Coins Mode Pattern 2 and lowered the coil to the soil. Bang bang... more signals came right away!

Again, kicking away some more leaves a few large pieces of foil were seen..these were picked up by hand, scrunched up and put in my pocket.

Lowering the coil again another beautiful sounding signal 'locked-on' right away! It was very hooty and repeatable...

I pin pointed and sank my 'Black Ada' digger into the loose soft soil, pushed it away to the side and for a fraction of a second caught the glint of gold just as some soil hid it from view.

Hmmm...I said...as I had searched here before this was probably something dropped since my last visit and, having seen a gold color in the hole assumed it was going to be a modern coin from the Euro family, possibly a 20 cent.

But, as I said, I had the feeling about this place and immediately took my cell phone from my pocket and hit 'Record'.

Using my index finger to move the soil near the target a golden object was in plain view.

Now my eye sight isn't the best and it still hadn't registered that it did look extremely yellow over the paler Nordic Gold color of euro coins.

Picking it up and as it came closes into my better field-of-view, it then dawned on me that YES, it is TRULY a GOLD COIN...

...a full gold Sovereign of Queen Victoria.

I was truly over the moon with the coin and was delighted that I had listened to my hunch and returned to a place that I had almost given up on because of the trash.

But, if there was a lesson learned that day it has to be don't give up, continue to search an area if you have a hunch.

Use the tools the detector can offer and like everything else in life...do a bit of ground work, quite literally in this case.

Kudos go to the CTX 3030!

ctx-3030-finds-a-gold-sovereign-1 ctx-3030-finds-a-gold-sovereign-2