Copper Worth Dancing About

By: Anonymous

What was I thinking... Oh yeah... Hello my name is Paul and a MD'ing addict!! It was 100+ yesterday... But recently at a family get together a family member was talking about always enjoying seeing and reading about my find and suggest I come up some time as they live in a 1740's Colonial and have been there for 20 years... In that time no one had detected there... Concord, NH... 2.5 hours door to door... So plans were made... Today was the day... And its only supposed to be 97!!

I arrived and got the tour and some history... This was one of the first 4 houses build in Concord near the Merrimack River... In fact their yard is sand sediment from being where the river used to flow... Dry dry dry sand... Hot summer day with bone dry sand I was worried about depth and pin pointing, but hey... ENJOY the journey right :-)


After some shallow clad, an 1850’s store token from Chicago, a plated spoon, I got a conductive signal of 32/33 @ 4” I was thinking my 1st Indian… but it was larger and green! Copper…. Happy dance… ok… brush off the sand… I see bust facing Left and a II in upper right… OK KG II and flip it over… I can see… OMGAWD! Nice and clear 1749…

This dry sand helped preserve this copper… This part of the yard was the garden and the marks on the Obverse are probably from plowing… I’ve dug my share of coppers and this is my 7th 1700s copper this year, but the BEST copper from the 1700s I’ve ever recovered…

Happy Dance!