Cool Token

By: Anonymous

Went to a 1902 house for some detecting and on my 2nd visit I found a token. At first I thought it was a cool old token but today (Sept. 23 2013) I found out it is rare also. I have been spending a bunch of time trying to research this token for the last few days since I found it to no avail.


The token is a 1922 University of Georgia baseball schedule token so I went to the Archives department at UGA and asked them to help. First he was stunned and said he had NEVER seen one. We still do not know what I have exactly and how many years they used these types of tokens or how many where made. They do want me to contact the head of the department tomorrow due to they want to acquire it for their collection and are VERY excited about it. I am so thrilled and yet do not know if I want to part with it but I know if it belongs anywhere it belongs at home with UGA. The guy I talked to and showed it to was so excited and said they have very little for the baseball history section.

This token so far is my most historic find to date. I could not have found it without my CTX 3030 (yes another detector went over the same area 2 days before and did not pick it up) and the discrimination it has. Thanks Minelab for helping in this find. The token is the size of a silver dollar and was 9-10in deep under a root and had some nails in the same hole.

cool-token-1 cool-token-2