Equinox 600 & 800:
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Coins, Rings, & Relics

By: Kellyco C.

First off I want to let you know that I am so pleased with my new Velox One!! I have found coins, rings, and old relics. [split] ......I am also interested in using it to find gold. The gold here in TN is not large nuggets, but smaller nuggets, pickers and large flakes. A little background about myself and why I am so interested in using my detector to prospect for gold. I have found a unique way of finding prospecting locations. I was previously a professional whitewater kayaker and had multiple sponsors including larger sponsor like Red Bull and Oakley. Presently, I work in the medical field, but still kayak as a hobby. I have recently combined this hobby with gold prospecting. Actually, I am using my kayak to take me to remote locations on rivers and streams here in the southeast United States including Tennessee, Georgia, and North Carolina to prospect for gold! ........I recently checked out your website and saw the FORS! That must be the detector you are ready to launch. I think based on what I have read, this is exactly what I am looking for to help with finding the smaller gold! Also, I would put it through the rigors of kayaking whitewater to attest to its durability, which you could use to help market the product. I have no doubt it would stand up to the test seeing the durability of my Velox One! Your company makes an exceptionally durable product where most other detectors fall short. I know this from experience as I used to own a Minelab 705 that I finally got rid of because of durability issues. I have attached a recent picture of me running a waterfall with my Velox and it sill works a perfect as it did when I bought it! Thanks again for making such a great product, and I look forward to trying the FORS.

coins-rings-relics-1 coins-rings-relics-2 coins-rings-relics-3 coins-rings-relics-4