Coin Shooting Record Broken

By: Anonymous

I decided to take a walk up the beach away from the sanded areas to an area that always produced older coins. This was not my goal of the day but seeing I was there I had to make the best of it.


I identified a good looking section and did my usual zig zag pattern from dry sand above the high water line to wet sand at the water’s edge working and area of about 50m to determine a coin line. Boy was I in luck. I only needed to do about two or three zig zags to determine that I had come across something special. There was no “coin line”, the whole section of about 100m x 40m was producing tones. The CTX 3030 was going crazy.

I started at the water’s edge working horizontally in approx 60m sections. I can truly say that I have never dug this much on any beach. I decided this was the day to break my coin record. I ended up staying for six hrs and finding 268 coins. Six silver coins and two silver pendants. No gold as this was expected given the conditions. The majority of the coins were old SA. I don’t dig the new 50, 20, 10 or 5’s these end up in the discrimination zone and I don’t care for them. By the time I was in the dry sand I had run out of water and I was getting into the pain zone. I started cherry picking and eventually thirst, pain and hunger drove me home. I’m sure I could have dug another 100 coins if I had stayed. It was a great day.