Civil War Trench Art Lead Pencil

By: C H.

Kicking off our featured Finds is our VP of Community Outreach and Sales, Carolyn Harwick. Carolyn’s favorite find is this Civil War trench art lead pencil found at CWPPO (Civil War Preservation Project of Ohio) in Ohio in October of 2017. They were trying to prove there was a skirmish on the homeowner’s property by locating items that would have been used during the Civil War. The finds uncovered that day helped put the home on the National Historic Registry and proved it was part of the Battle of Berlin Crossings. Everything located on the property was given to the homeowner, who, in turn, donated it all to a local museum dedicated to local Civil War memorabilia. What is a trench art lead pencil? A civil war soldier would have carved it out of a lead bullet to create a lead pencil or stylus. He then would have dipped it in berry juice, ink, or even his own blood to write in a journal or to send letters home. The pencil was bent to the soldier’s fingers because the lead is so soft. Carolyn has been with Kellyco for two years and has been detecting for seven years. She currently swings a Garrett AT Max and a Minelab CTX 3030.

Carolyn Harwick