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Checking Off Bucket List Finds

By: Douglas C.

I spoke to you about my MX Sport instability about a week ago. Almost threw it out the window. Just to let you know I have re-read my manual. I have reset the machine. She is as smooth as a babies butt. Don’t know what buttons I may have pressed to create the instability. But in the future if I duplicate the situation I will give you a call. Resetting the machine is the cure. The first two hours search gave me over $2.50 in change on the beach. The big kicker was in just one hour at the park, I found my first Indian head penny ever. I have been in this game for over 52 years... check off another bucket list item. Here is the biggest kicker, also found a Hibernia post colonial issue. It has Britannica on the back, 1786 -1787. In the coin book they say Hibernia is 30 mm in diameter. Counterfeiting took place in the colonies and The Hibernia counterfeit is smaller. Mine is 26 mm. Never in my dreams would I have expected this find. Can’t forget the seated liberty, date of 1891. I looked it up once and it is valued around $50. Just think what I would have missed out on by throwing my beloved MX Sport out the window. 😱 A big thanks for your assistance.