Caution Explosive

By: Anonymous

Greetings to all colleagues,

probably disappoint you all, because this was not a real big valuable treasure find for a lot of money. However, I believe that each one of us (hunters) has a story of success and so I decided to share mine.


Using detectors for several years now and I use CTX 3030, one could say that this is my friend.Where I go, he goes and when the detector beeps , I turn to dig. Gradually I began to look at the world through different eyes and began to perceive the surroundings.

I discovered footprints that were left behind by people long before me. I discovered an old merchant routes, the defunct village and through the detector gets closer to the story that is hidden in the landscape.

My success cannot be quantified in monetary terms, never finding of not rich, but I found a lot of stories... Thanks to my hobby and I have a lot of friends with whom we go hunting trips.

When I get home and my backpack is empty with no treasures, home to welcome me with the words : SO WHAT DO YOU HAVE, WHERE IS THE TREASURE? Suddenly you're not lucky?

I just smile, because I know that today I had that much luck and power.

I send you some pictures when I had the greatest luck, these are treasures for me. All findings were forwarded to the police and destroyed experts.

caution-explosive-1 caution-explosive-2