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Cartier Ring Beach Metal Detecting Find

By: Jill A.

I bought the Makro Multi Kruzer from KellyCo in July 2018. I went out on about four beach hunts in Atlantic City, NJ trying to learn how the machine works. On August 22, following the Atlantic City Air Show, I decided it was a great time to go do a night beach hunt. I hit many bottle caps and several pennies. Then, I heard a low tone that I usually don't hear so I went back to do a few more passes over the spot with my Makro Multi Kruzer and got a near surface low tone. I scooped the spot and a ring appeared. At first I thought it was a copper costume jewelry ring. Then I saw the Makers Mark!!! Cartier 750 58 @ GG xxxx symbol *ITO and two other symbols. I detected a 8 mm wide CARTIER 18k Gold Ring. WOO HOO! Thank you KellyCo for selling me my Makro Multi Kruzer. It's my beat find ever and I have detected for 8 years now!!!