Best Hunt Ever Thank You Minelab

By: Anonymous

I have been hunting since I was 9 year old. The E-TRAC is the 5th detector I have ever owned and I got it in the end of 2011. I have had some great hunts and made some awesome finds with it but today was my best hunt ever. The Minelab Was able to pull deep coins next to old water pipes that others had passed up or missed. I broke several personal records with today's hunt and got a first for me, a silver dime Trifecta of a Rosie, a Merc and a Barber. I also got two war nickels making it my new best silver day as I had previously found 4 silvers in one day but never 5. Also the 5th one made the 13th silver coin from the same park in 45 days which set two new personal bests as well.

I have "Test driven" a few of latest and greatest detectors from other companies but always come back to my Faithful Minelab.

Good luck everyone for 2014, mine has started with a bang!