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Beach Detour Metal Detecting Find

By: Gary Y.

It was late in May, 2007. At that time I was medal detecting almost every weekend. One day I decided to look through the Lost and Found in the local Craigslist. I spotted that someone has lost a wedding band at a beach I often hunt at so I contacted the person and got some more details on where he though he lost it and a description of the ring. He gave me the information and I told him I would keep an eye open. The next weekend I headed to the beach where he said he lost the ring. It had been several weeks since he had lost it so I did not hold much hope of finding it. Rather than my general approach to hunting the beach I decided to do a more detailed search where he said he lost it. After three hours of hunting I did have a gold ring in my pouch but it was not his. The next weekend I had plans to head to a different beach. On my way there, I found that many of the streets were blocked due to a marathon that was being held. I decided to head back to the same beach I had hunted the week before since I was close to it anyway and I could get to it. It was about 5 AM when I pulled out my detector and headed for the wet sand. I was not that close to where he said he lost the ring so I decided to hunt in front of the lifeguard tower. I started to sweep in the wet sand to the waters edge. About half-way down I hit a loud, solid target. I was using my Excalibur detector so the signal came blaring through. It was solid but did not give me that gold sound. First scoop, nothing. In the second scoop I heard metal hit the scoop. Cleared the scoop and there it was, a males platinum ring with all the proper markings. Once I got home I emailed the gentleman again asking for more detail on the ring. At this point, I had not told him I had found a ring. He nailed the description so I sent him a picture asking if this might be his. His reply came back loud and clear. I could almost see the joy on his face. He then informed the that today was his wedding anniversary and he and his wife had been talking about getting him another ring to Celebrate. There was no need now. So, to cap things off, a person that was visiting San Diego and lived in Texas pleased an ad in the Lost and Found. I read the Lost and Found which I rarely do, I saw the ad. I contacted this person and he replied. The ring was found on a trip that was NOT supposed to happen and a few hundred yards from where he said it would be. And it was found on their anniversary. Call it what you want. I call it joyful. The story still brings a smile to my face, that is why I am sharing it with you 11 years after it happened.