Australian Internment Camp Tokens

By: Anonymous

A few months back I purchased a CTX 3030 as a back up to my GPX 5000 for when I come across old areas that appear to have had much past activity.

Initially I struggled with usage the CTX 3030, and this is a person who started in the 1980's with a Garrett and feel very comfortable with detectors in general and the use there of...
However I battled on with the CTX 3030 and decided to take a lesson in the operations of the detector offered by Andrew Gladdis at Coiltek in Maryborough Victoria.


Shortly after I discovered a Prisoner of War internment Camp that appeared to have not been searched by Detectorists in the past, or if so by very few. On my second attempt at the site after finding many various wartime things including Buttons off Soldiers uniforms, I found what appeared to be a small coin with a hole in the middle and the words "Internment Camp" on one side and "Three Pence " on the other.

At this stage I had never heard of such a coin or Token However, little did I know that it was a start to the accumulation of 25 Internment coins in total. 3 x One Shilling coins, 13 Three Pences & 9 One Pennies. During the period that I was finding the Coins which was over 5 weeks, I had done some research and discovered that they are very collectable primarily because they were produced during the 1940's as a special coin for use in Prisoner of War Camps throughout Australia and also other Countries.

Now that I understand the critical requirements of the CTX 3030 and also what this machine is capable of, I can say that with the help I received and perseverance that I am very happy with my purchase.

In my opinion the CTX 3030 is a fantastic High-tech Metal detector and by far out performs any other Coin/Relic Detector that I have used over many years.

australian-internment-camp-tokens-1 australian-internment-camp-tokens-2