Another One Off the Wish List

By: Anonymous

Today I set out to try and find a new permission, but unfortunately... or fortunately as it turned out, every farm I called at was deserted.

So I decided to try my luck at one of my old permissions that has produced several nice finds in the past, but I rarely visit now as I grid searched it with the E-TRAC till there where almost no signals left.


Today I had the CTX 3030 with me and I thought this might give me the edge I needed to winkle a few extra goodies out and I wasn't wrong!

I started off doing a few lines across the field and pulled up a few bits including a nice gold and silver brooch. As I got to the hedge line I hit a patch of iron and I remembered from my last trip with the E-TRAC that I found a printing block here, s o decided to grid the patch.

I couldn't believe how many targets I was getting. In 20 minutes, I had found a Victorian silver three pence, two buckles, a few coppers and three bullets.

The next signal was a Victorian six pence, and I'm starting to get a bit excited now because I've had a gold Sovereign in this field, and I'm thinking there could be one here!

Immediately after the six pence I get another really nice signal but it's a bit higher than gold should be, but not quite as high as a three pence. So I dig down about six inches and sticking out of the clod is the edge of a silver ring.

At first I'm a bit disappointed, and I can't quite work out what I'm seeing. Then I brush the dirt off and see the sword... I can't describe the feeling. I've always loved Penannular brooches, and its probably on top of my wish list. These things are rare as hens teeth but I've just found one and it's a beauty as well. So happy!

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