V3i Cleans Up After Another Brand on the Beach

By: Anonymous

This winter I have been detecting with my White’s V3i on a Northeast beach that has been producing lots of finds from the 1800’s. To be honest, I thought I was the only one who detected this part of the beach, but recently I met a guy there who had an entry level machine (another brand) and said he has been pulling finds from there for the last 5 years. We talked a while and he said he hadn't found anything that day so then he wished me luck and went on his way. I decided to take a pass over his holes as I always do whenever I see another detector’s holes.


First hole – Indian head…I kind of felt bad for him because he must have heard something with his entry level machine but it just didn't go deep enough. Second hole – Indian head, now I’m thinking this is crazy. A few more holes go by and nothing. One last hole and you guessed it, another Indian head – I've never dug three Indian heads in a row! I should also mention the guy was throwing back buckles from the 1800's on the sand, I guess he didn't know what they were or plain just wasn't interested in them.


I stayed in the area and continued to hunt because it’s been red hot for me lately. After a bit I got a good solid hit in the penny dime range. I always dig the penny range because I found my fattest gold in that range. Up comes what looked like a Chinese coin at first glance. I throw it in my pocket and head home because it’s starting to get dark. When I get home, I was amazed to find not a Chinese coin, but an 1860 Abraham Lincoln campaign token!!!

After researching it on the web, The Huffington Post suggested “this type of coin is believed to have been handed out by President Lincoln along the campaign trail in the same way modern-day politicos hand out buttons”. The picture in the center was missing, but hey, I'll take it.

I've enclosed some pictures of some interesting finds including a New York City police button that was used between 1857 and 1882. Thanks you for producing a quality detector that I've made some great finds with!

v3i-cleans-up-after-another-brand-on-the-beach-1 v3i-cleans-up-after-another-brand-on-the-beach-2 v3i-cleans-up-after-another-brand-on-the-beach-3 v3i-cleans-up-after-another-brand-on-the-beach-4