Another Minelab Another Amazing Find!

By: Anonymous

I've been using Minelab detectors for many years and they never stop amazing me! Back in 2009, my X-TERRA 50 found me a New England Oak tree coin, a find of a lifetime.

Recently, I purchased a Safari and took it to a farm I've searched year after year and the finds are few and far between. The fields had just been turned so I set off. Iron signals were everywhere and my hopes of getting anything worth digging were wearing thin when all of the sudden that high pitch sound rang in my headphones and my ID stuck at 39 I got so excited!

I dug away, and at about 7 inches there it was... silver! I popped out the coin and looked it over to my disbelief it was a 2 Reales 1752 with the M mint mark a rare one!

All I have left to say is thank you Minelab! Your machines are why I love this hobby, they find me treasure like no other machine I've ever used!