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Amazing 2 Cent Metal Detecting Find

By: Christopher B.

Every year my wife and 2 kids go to my wife’s families hunting property in upstate NY around 4th of July week. The property has been in her family since 1963, consists of 220 acres of mountain and a large field where the house sits. We are not sure exactly how old the property is, but we think it was used for farming by the numerous amount of relics found that date back to the 1800’s. I began metal detecting around 2012 and purchased my first detector from you, which was a Garrett ACE 350. The first time I hunted the property I found a 1806 Draped Bust large cent. Since then I upgraded to a Garrett AT Pro and also purchased an Ace 400 for my 11 yr old son. This year we traveled up to the property during 4th of July week for some relaxation and metal detecting. On July 2nd while everyone was in the house, I was detecting in the field around the house and dug up a Matron Head large cent in poor condition with no date visible. I ran in the house to show my wife and kids what I had found. With that my kids threw on their shoes, my 11 yr old son Chris grabbed his ACE 400 and my 11 yr old daughter Olivia took the ACE 350. We went to the same area where I had just dug the large cent which is loaded with rifle shells from target practice over the years. My daughter does not usually detect so I gave her a quick rundown on the ACE 350. After about 10 minutes she called me over and said, “dad, this sounds pretty good”. I ran my AT Pro over the signal and got a little higher tone than the rifle shells reading about 6 inches. I agreed with my daughter that it sounded good. We dug the plug and as we flipped it I saw the green shield on the bottom of the plug and yelled, it’s a 2 cent piece! She was excited but didn’t really understand what she had found. I explained that these coins were only made from 1864-1873 and are on many detectors bucket lists and she got one on her first dig (Sorry Hoover Boy Bobby, only took her one try but congrats on finally finding yours). After we were done celebrating I carefully cleaned the coin which had a nice green patina and revealed the date of 1865. I then snapped pictures of her and her first find and couldn’t wait to send them to all of my friends.