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After 14 Years I am Finally Out of the Dog House

By: Jessica m.

A friend of mine asked me to search for a wedding band that he had lost 14 years ago while feeding fish in his pond. He told me that he knew about where it was located and he has tried several times to locate it with friends detectors. He even went out and bought a detector but had no luck. I told him that I had just bought a Minelab Excalibur Water Detector. He said OK I will give you this challenge. We went to the spot and it was grown up with weeds over the years since he had sold this property. We both had little hope at site of the area. He told me that he would get something to chop down the weeds. While he was gone I decided to work my way down to the water. I was able to get into the water very easily, so I turned on my Excalibur and set the threshold. On my 3rd sweep I got a great tone. I thought to myself this could not be that easy. I made my first scoop and was going to make another sweep at the target. I then looked down at my scoop and there on top of the mud was his wedding band. [split] I then saw him coming back with tools to cut the weeds down. I told him that to never mind because I had already found his wedding band. He said no way; you have only been in the water for 2 minutes. I then put the ring on my hand and held it up for him to see. He then said after 14 years I am finally out of the dog house. We then went back to his house to show his wife. As we pulled up to the house his wife said you must not have been able to find it since you are back so soon. He then held up his hand and she almost cried at the site. She thanked me over and over again. She asked what do we owe you and I told her nothing, but she said I will buy you dinner sometime. Bruce R.