A Weekend of "First" With the CTX 3030

By: Anonymous

On Friday, I met-up with a few fellow MDers, and we hit a local park. I found 6 silver dimes, which was the most silver ever to date. These were some really deep finds too, and were averaging on the 7-8" mark. I then found my first ever Large Cent, a nice Matron Head.

Friday's hunt ended with an amazing silver total for me, and a huge first. Could it get any better?

On Saturday I returned to the spot where I had found the Large Cent a day earlier. I only had an hour or so to hunt, so I focused on deeper targets again.

An unusual signal teetering on the 5" line was solid, and repeatable, so I decided to dig it. Out pops my very first gold ring! BUT WAIT! The ring is also from my Alma mater! I read the inscription on the inside of the band, Googled the guys name, and realized through Facebook that we had 8 mutual friends!


I graduated in '89, and Jeff graduated in '92. What are the odds? Within 3 hours of finding his ring I was able to track his number down and return it to him. He bought me a beer at the bar next to my house as a thank you, and we laughed at how crazy and random finding it was, because after-all, he's going to his 20 year reunion in October which my younger cousin is running, and now he has his ring back just in time!

Thinking now that Friday and Saturday were too good to beat I met-up with a fellow MDer (Jon) again at the park on Sunday, and things were pretty slow.

I found a busted silver ring, and then a nice 1960-D silver Roosevelt dime at 5" laying next to the path. Two more silver, wow, so far it's been an amazing weekend, and today is looking awesome! Then Jon calls it quits since we were running out of daylight, so I decided to hunt an area I had never worked before.

Within 10 minutes I find a Mercury dime covered in rust! The CTX 3030 locked on to the target and gave me a perfect high tone, with a solid 12-44 Fe-Co number.

Excited I filled in the plug BEFORE re-scanning it, so when I stood-up and swung over the plug, I got yet another great high tone and 12-44 combo on the screen, so I re-dug the hole.

To my astonishment there were 2 more Mercs stuck together in a partial roll with a 1938 Wheat penny, and they were covered in rust since the hole was full of old nails. Amazing how the CTX locked onto those targets regardless of the iron in there with them!

Last, there's a picture of the craziest looking bug that landed on my machine while I was hunting. Let's just say he lost the fight with my finger. Hands off the THIRTY-THIRTY bug! It has one owner only! :)

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