A Small Story About Little Coins

By: Anonymous

We (2 my friends and I) went to a small old village. We were looking for coins about 3 hours but we don't find coins. We go to other place. But we don't find coins to this place too. We go to last place. After we've taken our metal detectors the rain is starting. My friends went back to a car, because they don’t have not waterproof metal detectors. But I have a Minelab CTX 3030. And I go to the field.

Rain is stronger. My friends look to me, but I go on the field and I'm not worried. Rain is stronger! I catch a signal. Good signal. I'm digging. And have found a foil from cigarettes. I swing a coil at the same place. And catch a signal again. I'm digging again. And I've found a sleeve. Rain is stronger again!!! I turn back and want go to car.


But my inner voice says me: "Don't go away! Try again!!!"
Rain is stronger. And this is not rain now! This rain is similar to a waterfall!!!
I impending cap on the eyes. I spend a coil at the same place. No signal.

I try to find something else in 10-15 cm from this place. And I've found a very good signal!
I want to dig, but my shovel is very wet and I drop it.
I look up the sky, water is flow to my face. And I shout to sky: "I don't go home without this finding!!!"

I pick up a shovel and I dig. I see a silver shine in a wet ground. I kneel and look to it. This is coin! Very small coin!

It is silver coin of Mikhail Fedorovich.

I take it to my wet fingers and put into my pocket. And rain is off in this moment. Really! Someone had turned off the rain! The Sun came out through the clouds and I saw a Rainbow. I put the shovel and metal detector in the ground and start a dance!

My friends come running to me. I show them my coin. I'm very wet but I'm very happy! Thereafter I've found 11 silver coins of king Mikhail Fedorovich more within 10 meters. I think it were treasure's remains. I remember this story and I know, if my inner voice didn't stop me, I didn't find those coins.