A Seated in the Gloaming

By: Anonymous

I have used the E-TRAC for 3 years and have been very pleased with it and my results, I recently decided to go to the CTX 3030 and I can say I am pleased immensely. I can vouch that the CTX 3030 is just not a waterproof E-TRAC but a wonderful machine based on a whole new platform.


When I got the CTX 3030 I took it to a few local parks to familiarize myself with the machine and I can say I was excited to try it out at a site that had potential for old coins. We had the opportunity to get a short hunt at an old home site; my research indicated that this house had been there since at least 1875. Because the property was to be sold in a couple of days we only had this one chance and because of timing we would have only about two hours to hunt. This made it imperative that we needed to dig targets that seemed promising.

My first signal was a 12-33 that sounded very solid and repeated in all directions, target trace confirmed the presence of iron near it but the cursor gave a solid red signal. I was pleased to see that my target was an 1883 Indian Head Cent. My first good old coin with the CTX 3030! After digging some wheat cents I got a target indication of two targets very close to each other they turned out to be just a copper memorial and a silver plated button, the best thing was that I got a clear indication of each target and TID. As darkness encroached I was detecting under a big old tree when I got a 12-46 signal, digging my target which of course was under a big root I was pleased to see a very crusty disc that had the appearance of a silver quarter.

Looking closely and despite the darkness I could see an Eagle on the back, but it was not the Eagle of the Barber Quarter but the Eagle of a Seated Liberty Quarter! I could just barely make out the date, 1853 with Arrows and Rays on the back! Do I love my CTX 3030…..you betcha!