A Ring of Destiny

By: Anonymous

Last Sunday I went to an organised dig about 10 miles north from Perth in Scotland.The day was looking promising. Sun was shining, surroundings were superb with a scenic views of Scottish hills. There were around 60 people detecting the same fields on that day. A week before there was a lot of hammered found in this area so I was really looking forward to it.

I was one of the first people on the field. I started CTX 3030, put the headphones on and off I went :) Few minutes into the field I got scared by a farmer who drove into the field to drop a huge load of horse manure. He was right behind me and I think that he was teasing me for a while because he kept going after me :)

My first find of the day was a tiny Scottish Turner, or rather what was left of it. After this just found some lead and nothing else. I kept walking, and swinging the coil for hours! Fields were never so quiet. I could walk and walk and all I could hear was the hum of the threshold.


After few hours of nonstop swinging I knew why some people buy the harness to hang the detector on. I had no reason to stop and dig so my arm was aching a lot!

I lost all my hope and I went back to my car full of resignation and bitterness. I was tired and all I wanted was to go home. Well ... I could not go home, cause some other guy parked his car right behind mine and completely blocked my way out!

I did not know who it was so I had no choice than to go back to the field. I had something to eat and went there again. It was not a pleasure at all ... Farmer managed to drop another few loads of crap to the field and the smell was overwhelming ... I had no choice than to walk around all of this.

My destiny on that day was about to be fullfield. After 20 minutes of swinging in a style or resignation. There it was a banging signal. I have looked at the screen and felt the warmth coming :) I said to myself - it needs to be something good. I dug a hole, and about 8 inches down I could not see anything. Took the probe out and picked up a clod of soil. There was something sticking out on the edges. I thought to myself, another bloody button. I took some of the soil off, and then I knew that I was wrong.

There it was a medieval stirrup ring in all its beauty, looking at me. I was about to explode. I was standing there smiling like an idiot. Other guys were just passing by and were afraid to ask, as I was laughing like crazy :)

At home I have done some research and I got to know that this ring dates back possibly to around 12th -14th century. I got this reported to the Treasure Trove unit and got an instant reply saying that this is a significant find and the ring in this form is very unusual. I was told that it will be claimed as a Treasure!! Wooohoo!!