A Ring in Hand is Better Than Toes in the Sand

By: Stephen S.

After I bought my Garrett AT Pro from Kellyco in 2016, it sat almost unused in my closet due to work and family obligations until this year when I was laid off due to COVID. Since I now had much more time on my hands, I decided to learn everything I can about my AT Pro and detecting techniques - and it didn't disappoint. On just my 10th trip out to the beach, I thought I would find the usual handful of change and maybe some toy cars again or something, but this time I found an awesome 18k gold women's custom-made ring with two small diamonds and a ruby - FINALLY MY FIRST RING! What a great find! Much thanks to Stevie Ray @Kellyco for giving me a brief tutorial on the AT Pro back in 2016. I took notes then and it REALLY came in handy this trip!

Front View of Ring Setting with Hand Like Shape Holding Ruby Stone and Two Other Diamonds Set on Arrow like Shape Pennies and Coins Lined Up in a Grid with Ring at the Upper Left Corner on Garrett Camo Bag Fabric Background Side profile of 18k Gold Ring with Bent Band and Gem Settings on White Background Ring in Loose Gravel Sand Find Spot with Three Dusty gems and Hand Shape Visible