A Piece of WW2 Naval History

By: Anonymous

In March 2013, I took my new CTX 3030 to an old school site in country NSW. This school was open from 1900 to 1953. After a short time I located a nice target not too deep. I dug the target up and found what appeared to be a nice copper plate or saucer. After closer inspection I realized I had more than just a mere copper plate! I could see a nice bird emblem, an anchor and scroll. Then I saw the name. It was a plate from one of the most famous battleships of WW2, the HMS HOOD!! The HMS Hood was sunk by the infamous German Battleship Bismark.

From my research it would appear to have been sold as a souvenir from the ship prior to the war. By far my most valued treasure!

a-piece-of-ww2-naval-history-1 a-piece-of-ww2-naval-history-2