A Hidden Family Treasure

By: Anonymous


Knowing that I am passionated about detecting, one of my neighbour asked me if there were any chances that I could help him. He wanted to check if there is no valuable object left in his mother’s house as he was about to sell it. He just inherited the house from his mother who previously inherited it from her own mother. It’s a typical small cottage from Bretagne in the Finistère region, France. Equipped with my trusty Safari and PRO-FIND 25 I started to cover methodically the attic.

Having no results, I went down scanning every room of the house without finding anything. I was feeling that this house was mysterious and I decided to insist on the corners but this time with the PRO-FIND 25 which allowed me to access spaces where the Safari couldn’t go due to its size. After one hour searching, I had a signal under the stairs bip bip bip... oups.


My neighbour’s face lit up into a smile, waiting for my verdict. Using a torch light on the signal location, we discovered that one step of the stairs had been repaired or modified. Within seconds my neighbour allowed me to disassemble the step. It was obviously not repaired but a hoard cache most probably built by his grandfather that contains a nice treasure composed of 24 english gold coins.

We couldn’t believe our eyes. My neighbour asked me if it was really gold. Since i am a coin collector, I quickly answered that it was definitely gold and that his grandfather certainly didn’t hide any golden chocolate coins there. This find made us search the whole house again but with no results.

My neighbour decided to show his gratitude by offering me 4 of those golden coins which were wonderfully preserved in a leather purse. What a nice and exciting day. To conclude my PRO-FIND 25 performed marvellously and it went where no other detector could have access. Here are some pictures of the coins offered by my neighbour.