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A Great Find for a Great Weekend

By: Anonymous

After attending the Goanna Gold prospecting muster held at the Burrendong Dam, I made some new friends to go metal detecting with. My new friend Terry was very keen to come along with me to get some pointer's on using his new GPX 5000. So, Terry came down on a Friday night to plan our very important trip to the gold fields the next day.


Much to the relief of the wife that I didn't have to talk her ear off about prospecting. So me and Terry sat down with all the maps out and Google earth running hot on the fields and we decided the area we were going to go. So the next morning we were packed and on the road.

We arrived at our spot and set up camp and got our GPX 5000s out and ready to go. I gave Terry a rundown on settings on his GPX 5000. He had attended a training day at the muster as well.

So after detecting for about 10 mins I got a nice sound and asked Terry to come and listen to it with his detector. That is when I found that he must have bumped the coil setting switch to cancel mode. Lucky I called him over. Otherwise, he might have been unlucky all day!

Anyway, after testing the sound again, it was a lovely mellow tone. So I dug the target and Terry worked the detector. After about 6" down I went to remove what looked like just a bit of quarts and then I felt the weight of the rock and seen the glitter of gold shining through the dirt!!!!

Woo whoo what a find, thanks Minelab!!! It weighed in at 1.79 oz specimen with a gravity weight of 18.29 grams of gold. What a great find for a great weekend.