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A Find to Remember, A Gold Wedding Ring

By: Will W.

Our family takes a vacation the Fort Walton Beach Florida on Okaloosa Island every year and I always take my detectors not only to have a little fun digging in the sand with my 10 year old and 7 year old sons but to also become more familiar with the sounds and functions of my detectors. I currently use a Garret AT Pro but that day I had the old faithful Fisher CZ*70 Pro out with my youngest who was my official digger. Like every day, we get an idea during the day where the line of beach chairs are sitting and then around 5:30-6:00 in the evening, just before dinner we get started in a line up the beach and then move back in a line closer to the shoreline. We were in our way back, already toting countless beer caps, some quarters, a few tent spikes and buried aluminum cans (ugh the worst! They give such a great signal at first) I happened upon a hit that came up as a foil signal. I usually dig everything so of course I dug this expecting to find a chewing gum wrapper or a cigarette box insert. My son shaking the sand sifter knows to hear for the clanging of metal once the sand drops out. Not expecting to hear anything, I heard it. Both of us looking into the sifter, there is was. Find of a lifetime...a huge diamond wedding ring! We were both so excited. We have hunted this same beach for years and not had a find like this.

Marquis Cut Diamond Wedding Ring Set in Gold Held Between Thumb and Forefinger with Concrete in Background