3,36g Aztecs Gold

By: Anonymous

Hi, I live in the middle of Europe and go detect for many years. I have replaced several detectors before I arrived at Minelab CTX 3030 and now I can play my Minelab Sweet Symphony. With a 17 " probe will now go back to my old location and dohledávám what was so far away from the old detector.

In our region, it has always been poverty and this is reflected in most of the findings , they are just remnants of war, or small copper coins , and from time to time, we will be pleased unique silver mincička.Od childhood I like everything where the word POKLAD.Má favorite The book is a treasure of the Aztecs and not dream occurred to me that even I find a piece of bloody gold. 3.36 g of the treasure of the Aztecs - it is just a fairy tale , but it's my story, which I once tell the children and they turn to their children and it will circulate in our family, my first gold ducat.


Judge for yourself - this is my version of how to 3.36 g of yellow metal came to our forest in my story the way gold from the Mexican mountains in the center of Europe. 3.36 g of the treasure of the Aztecs.

Somewhere in the mountains today in Mexico Tenochtitlan Aztec people benefited grains of gold which created a sacred statues for their deity. Hernán Cortés in 1519 beating Aztec king Moctezuma II. after his victory Adventures Aztec gold to Spain where in 1590 - 1597 in Seville melted and it minted ducats King Ferdinand II and Queen Isabella.

Furthermore trail leads through Italy and the Alps, to visit us - in Bohemia Country Czech, where it wears down the rogue innkeeper bit of a mercenary turns into rolls of, pass a string and wear it around his neck so long before the cord breaks.

And here is the story of how I show up above the sunken roads special club Machame and one fork my CTX 3030 play my first Minelab Sweet Symphony gold. I run in circles around the hole and cry - Oh my God I knew you, it is on - my first gold coin .

Hello to all my friends and wish them , that they heard that their gold Symphony.